Testing the integration

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Testing the PlatiOnline integration

Testing CC info:

Attribute Value Info
URL https://secure.plationline.ro/ URL
Card number 5121212121212124 MasterCard;
Card number 4111111111111111 Visa
Card exp date 12/16 Month/Year
CVV2 999 Verification code
F_Amount 1.35 Decline transaction
F_Amount 1.01 On Hold transaction
F_Amount 1.00 Authorized transaction

Testing ITSN

In order to test the ITSN service implementation, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Instant Transaction Status Notification (ITSN)|Set the details of the ITSN service;
  2. Make a test transaction;
  3. In the merchant interface enter the transaction details page and click on the button Test ITSN.

The Plationline system will automatically open a new browser page and display the 3 information categories:

  1. PlatiOnline ITSN Request
    • PlatiOnline QueryString Request
    • Request Method: POST or GET or SOAP
  2. Merchant WWW ITSN Response Headers
    • All Headers received
    • Header Item/Item value
  3. Merchant WWW ITSN Response
    • Response received
    • Response length