Settlement request response

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Settle Request Response

Once the Settle Request XML_Message is successfully parsed the Plati Online system will process it. Validate returned XML with schema:

			1 - an error occurred parsing the '''Settle Request XML_Message''' and Plati Online will not process the request;
			0 - no error => '''Settle Request XML_Message''' is valid and PlatiOnline will attempt to process the request.
		<![CDATA[the error message]]>
			3 - Transactions status in now '''Pending Settle'''
			10 - Error => Plati Online will print the error in '''po_error_reason''' tag
		<![CDATA[PO transaction id]]>

To continue here is the Pseudo-code:

  1. Load the returned XML;
  2. if po_error_code = 1 echo the error message from po_error_reason tag;
  3. if po_error_code = 0 echo update the order status according the x_response_code and x_trans_id tags.