How to install Shopify online payments plugin

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The following status will be set for the Shopify orders

E-commerce operations

X_STARE_FIN1 field values (authorize / settle operations)

PlatiOnline system supports the following Financial statuses (authorize / settle operations):

X_STARE_FIN1 Parameter PlatiOnline Description Shopify status
1 Pending authorization Pending
2 Transaction authorized Paid
3 Pending settle Paid
4 Sale transaction Paid
5 Transaction settled Paid
6 Pending void Pending
7 Transaction voided Voided
8 Transaction declined by card issuing bank Voided
9 Transaction expired in 5/7/30 days (according to MasterCardVisa) Voided
10 Error / Incomplete Voided
11 Pending cash payment at Raiffeisen Bank Pending
12 Pending cash payment at Posta Romana Pending
13 Transaction that requires manual verification (pending verification) Pending
14 Pending bank transfer payment Pending
15 Pending POS Mobile payment Pending
16 Payment page has expired Voided
17 Payment aborted by user Voided
18 Raiffeisen Bank cash payment Pending
19 Payment link associated with a transaction Pending