How to install Prestashop online payments plugin

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Regular card payment using PlatiOnline

After installing Prestashop platform follow these steps:

1. Install regular PlatiOnline card payment plugin. To do this, access Modules and Services section in Prestashop, Modules and Services -> Add a new



2. In Upload section select file and install it by accessing Install button.


3. In List of Modules, search for the previously installed plugin, click on Configure and fill out name and address and then Save.


4. In Modules and Services -> Payment you will find previously installed plugin, click on Configure and fill out Login ID, RSA AUTH, RSA ITSN, IV AUTH, IV

ITSN fields with the data obtained from PlatiOnline, then click on Update Settings.


5. Create new order statuses by accessing Orders -> Orders menu. Click on Add new order and create the following statuses, as in the image below:


6. Visit Enter your login data and then go to Settings section.

7. Fill out the Instant transaction status notification data as in the image below:


At this time you completed all the required steps to install and configure regular PlatiOnline card payment module.