How to install Joomla online payments plugin

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Regular card payment using Plationline

VirtueMart 3.x

After installing the Joomla platform and VirtueMart component follow these steps:

1. Install the regular Plationline card payment plugin. To do this, visit the Joomla Extensions section -> Extension Manager. In Upload Package File

section select the file and install it by clicking Upload & Install button.


2. After plugin installation, it must be enabled. Access The Plugin Manager, search for previously installed plugin and activate it by clicking on the red button from

the Status section of the plugin, or by selecting it and accessing the Enable button. In the end, the red button should be converted into a green "Checked" sign.


3. Access the VirtueMart component by selecting it from the Components menu, then accessPayment Methods option.


4. Create a New payment method with the following features:


Select VM Payment - PlatiOnline option next to Payment Method text and check YES option next to Published text.

5. Save your new payment method. After saving of the payment method, you will be able to set required parameters in the Configuration tab, in order for the

module to work.


6. Create new order statuses by accessing the Configuration menu -> Order Statuses. Click the New button and create the following statuses as in the image



7. Visit Enter your login data, then visit the Settings section.

8. Fill in the data in Transaction response section and in Instant transaction status notification section as in the image below:


The two fields should be filled out with:

1. name of the site in case of transaction response field;

2. site name followed by /index.php?option=com_virtuemart&view=pluginresponse&task=pluginnotification&tmpl=component for instant

transaction status notification.

At this time you completed all the required steps to install and configure regular PlatiOnline card payment module.